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freelance seo malaysia

Why Do You Need SEO?

There are numerous benefits for doing search engine optimization (SEO) for your business but I will sum up the most important ones.

(✓) SEO gives best traffic, why? Because there are people searching it.

(✓) It is so much cheaper than doing paid advertising.

(✓) In this digital era, your brand online matters more than offline.

(✓) Smaller businesses can compete with large enterprises equally.

(✓) Helps you to break into new market. Internet is worldwide.

(✓) Most importantly, your competitors are doing SEO.

So what are you waiting for?

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Why Should We Hire You Over Other SEOs?

Unlike most SEO agencies or individuals, I provide recommendation and precise implementation guidelines for your action. 

You success will be my top priority and I believe that my skillset with technology which developed over time and SEO knowledge will deliver the best result to you and your business.

freelance seo service malaysia anonseo about seo service

My Services Are Suitable For

  • Who are looking for affordable SEO services.
  • Who are new to SEO and wanted low cost SEO services.
  • Who are budget conservative and wanted to try SEO.
  • Who wanted to try out SEO but not willing to spend too much on it.
  • Who needed quick technical SEO implementation or fixes.
  • Who are dissatisfied with previous SEO hires.

Know What You’re Getting and Which Fits You Right


  • Reputable & legal protection
  • Access to larger team including various aspects of SEO
  • Suitable for long term projects
  • Assist in scaling project
  • Accountability
  • Only recommend
  • Might replace team members without informing
  • Long term contract to lock you in & riskier due to long term project
  • Significantly much more costly
  • Multi-faceted approach to SEO can take time to produce result
  • No direct communication with devs
  • Business isn't getting level of support and dedication due to working on multiple projects
  • Extra charge for implementation
  • You can't pick who to work with


  • Affordable & Cost-Effective
  • No contract to lock you in
  • Perfect for short term or start up projects
  • Devoted to your project
  • Flexiblility on adjusting strategies
  • Direct communication
  • Precise recommendation and implementation guideline (T&C)
  • Exclude link building & copywriting fee
  • No on going support and maintenance

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How Am I Different From Agencies?

Which should you hire? There are pros and cons when it comes to deciding which party to outsource your projects to. Freelancers and agencies have different approach to project. Both parties have different mission and vision. 


I strive for utmost quality in shortest time for my clients. 

  • Some tend to provide mediocre services enough to retain clients.

I value effectiveness and cost-effective rates.

  • Some are selling overpriced package for average or unsatisfying results.

I prioritize and handle projects entirely on my own.

  • Some prioritize profitable projects and tend to switch handler amid project.

I encourage flexibility, creativity, and process involvement.

  • Some stick to old school rigid SEO process that is less effective & time consuming.
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