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Affordable freelance SEO service that helps businesses to reach their potential customer.

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Here are some of our performing clients' search engine optimization (SEO) performance after working with us for a period of time. SEO is known for having to spend long period of time to optimize. Of course there are clients with mediocre or decent ranking after engaging us. Generally, we do not promise things such as "secure top ranking". But we will make sure your investments will not be wasted. You will pay what you get.

anonseo freelance client website google search console traffic six months progress
anonseo freelance client website ranking six months progress
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anonseo client rank ranger seo keyword ranking progress six months
anonseo sample freelance client website ranking six months progress
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There are numerous benefits for using search engine optimization (SEO) service for your business. One of them is definitely to reach the most potential users that could potentially be converted to your customer. At core, the most important and ideal result is to drive sales. Along with driving sales, your brand will be available to have higher exposure on the internet by using SEO to improve your "organic" channel's traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) was neglected most of the time because it does not generate instant sales. When brand owners do not see sales number coming in, they assume that it is not worth proceeding or continue using it. But the truth is that, "organic" channel or traffic from search engine are well known for giving best traffic. The reason is because there are real users or people searching on search engines. Google aims to serve the most relevant important to their customers, which are also brands' audience. By exposing products more often or topping the rank in search engines, brands would be able to reach their most potential users or audience without the need of spending a single cent for marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also cheaper than doing paid advertising in a long run. It is free to have your site published or indexed in Google. All you need is fee for hosting your website or maintaining your website. By using search engine optimization (SEO) service, brands do not have to spend every week or month for campaigns to promote their products. In a way, it is worth investing for a long run. Brands were established to do business for a long run. Therefore, SEO service also helps brands to survive in a long run. You would be able to generate sales without spending advertising fee with SEO.

Your brand online matters in this digital era. At times, even more important than offline. There were brands that able to survive or generate sales without having a physical office. All the sales were generated through internet. You could even reach more users than offline channels through online marketing because everyone uses internet. Internet connects people, and also businesses.

Smaller businesses can also compete with the large enterprises or big brands equally online. If you website is more relevant, you could potentially overrun the big brands. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can also break into new market because internet is connected worldwide and ubiquitous. You can reach your potential customer anywhere and anytime as long as what they search is relevant to you. 

Your competitors are all doing search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their digital marketing. What about you? 


Frankly, this site was built with the intention of experimenting with SEO. I intend to make this a dummy site for all my experiments but it turns out to be quite fruitful as I have been receiving quite a number of requests or clients from this site alone.

I would not say that this site is performing the best in Malaysia. However, this site is optimized without any blackhat method. Feel free to check on ahref, majestic or any other backlink profile checker. As you may have known or heard, tons of well known agencies and individual freelancers are practicing blackhat SEO method for many of their clients. Moreover, some of them are solely performing blackhat link building on the site and get sales from it.

Some would say, the end result is the most important, so they ignore the fact that Google is constantly evolving in terms of detecting all these practices that goes against the rules. If you were to engage with these parties, you may get result very quickly. But at the same time, you would have to bear the risk for getting penalized by Google.

As for my service, I practice only whitehat SEO where I play by the rules and make sure every strategy and action is within the search engines' terms of service.

I am not afraid to showcase the ranking I achieved with this site even though they are not the top because they are all legit and promising.


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These keywords are all achieved without utilizing any blackhat seo method as mentioned. This site has good scores on Google's site performance testing tool too. Feel free to test on webdev.

Ranking Progress

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My Services Are Suitable For

  • Who are looking for affordable SEO services.
  • Who are new to SEO and wanted low cost SEO services.
  • Who are budget conservative and wanted to try SEO.
  • Who wanted to try out SEO but not willing to spend too much on it.
  • Who needed quick technical SEO implementation or fixes.
  • Who are dissatisfied with previous SEO hires.

Some may say, "it is not ranking on high volume keywords like 'seo services in malaysia', why are you so happy about it?". Yes, it is not. However, keep in mind that what you see on page 1 of that particular search term, many of them are using blackhat SEO practices to achieve that. It is not a good idea for a long run. This site is solely for freelancing purpose and it is performing quite well on 'freelance seo' related keywords. I believe u reached here through these keywords too, am i right? Feel free to reach me out if you have any doubts.

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Unlike most SEO agencies or individuals, I provide recommendation and precise implementation guidelines for your action. You success will be my top priority and I believe that my skill set with technology which developed over time and SEO knowledge will deliver the best result to you and your business.

Know What You’re Getting and Which Fits You Right


Reputable & legal protection

Access to larger team including various aspects of SEO

Suitable for long term projects

Assist in scaling project


Only recommend

Might replace team members without informing

Long term contract to lock you in & riskier due to long term project

Significantly much more costly

 Multi-faceted approach to SEO can take time to produce result

No direct communication with devs

 Business isn't getting level of support and dedication due to working on multiple projects

Extra charge for implementation

You can't pick who to work with

Anon SEO

Affordable & Cost-Effective

No contract to lock you in

 Perfect for short term or start up projects

Devoted to your project

Flexibility on adjusting strategies

Direct communication

Precise recommendation and implementation guideline (T&C)

Exclude link building & copy-writing fee

No on going support and maintenance


How Am I Different From Agencies?

Which should you hire? There are pros and cons when it comes to deciding which party to outsource your projects to. Freelancers and agencies have different approach to project. Both parties have different mission and vision. 

I strive for utmost quality in shortest time for my clients. 

Some tend to provide mediocre services enough to retain clients.

I value effectiveness and cost-effective rates.

Some are selling overpriced package for average or unsatisfying results.

I prioritize and handle projects entirely on my own.

Some prioritize profitable projects and tend to switch handler amid project.

I encourage flexibility, creativity, and process involvement.

Some stick to old school rigid SEO process that is less effective & time consuming.